Privacy Policy


We like to keep things simple and therefore we process personal data only when absolutely needed, which means when you buy something from our shop, when you contact us by email and when you sign up to one of our mail lists.

Who we are

Our website addresses are:

Personal Data Processing

We process you email address if you contact us by email for e.g. support purposes or sign up to one or more of our email lists.

Specifically for Read the privacy for customers of the Tillitis Shop ( at our e-commerce platform supplier, Shopify.

Time Limits of Saved Personal Data

Email address saved due to contact for e.g. support issues or similar will be saved for maximum one year after last contact.

Email addresses signed up to our email lists will be saved for a s long as you wish to subscribe to the mail list.

Specifically for We store personal data for as long as we provide warranty of the product sold, i.e. usually one year from the date of purchase.

Reviews, Advertising and Sponsoring

We never pay for reviews, however, for serious tech reviewers on a well-known platform, magazine (or similar), that want to test and review our products, we are willing to give-away one or two samples for testing purposes.

Tillitis advertise from time to time. Ads will be clearly marked as ads. Examples of platforms where we advertise are Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Tillitis sponsors events and activities within the industry and where it makes sense. Any sponsoring will be clearly stated and communicated.

We do not have affiliates, pay influencers or anything similar.

Last updated 2023-04-24